Overwhelm, stress, anxiety, PTSD

I use body-centered therapies (EMDR and Tapping), in addition to talk and cognitive therapies, to heal trauma, PTSD, anxiety, stress,

and depression. 

Gender, sexual and other identity questioning

I support people who are exploring their identity and navigating transition so that they feel good about themselves and

live the life they want. 


I use art therapy,  play therapy, and parent consultation to treat children experiencing anxiety and stress, trauma, relationship difficulties, school problems,  emotion dysregulation, gender dysphoria,

and adjustment to

change or loss.

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The Butterfly Hug

The butterfly hug is an exercise used in EMDR for desensitizing and self-soothing. I chose to name my practice after this exercise because to me it represents the importance of compassionate self-care. 

It is hard to be happy without a life worth living. Of course, all lives are worth living in reality. But what is important is that you experience your life as worth living—one that is satisfying, and one that brings happiness.” 

― Marsha M. Linehan, DBT Skills Training: Manual

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