Who am I?


Perhaps you’ve been told you’re not good enough. Or perhaps you’ve been invalidated so much that now you’re not sure of who you are or what you feel. Maybe you’ve cared for others for so long that you’ve lost yourself. Or perhaps you’ve realized your sexual orientation or gender identity are different than what you’ve been living. 


At some point in our lives, most of us question who we are and who we want to be. We explore our values and goals and whether or not we are living in alignment with them. For some people this exploration leads to transition. They might decide they need a different job, relationship, or outlook on life; or maybe they know they want something different but don't yet know what it is. Some people determine they must live true to their gender and make that transition. Still others are cast into transition through loss or change, such as becoming a parent or going off to college. 


It can be scary to start off on a new path, even though it’s one your heart longs for. I support people who are exploring their identity and navigating transition so that they feel good about themselves and live the life they want. 


A Special Note on Gender Identity and Transition 


It can be confusing and scary to realize you do not fall within the gender binary or that your gender is different than the one you were assigned at birth. I have knowledge, passion, and experience working with gender non-binary and transgender individuals of all ages. I provide a safe environment where you can explore who you are. You can express your pain, doubts, fears, and victories, and I will not deny your experience or gatekeep to other medical care. 


I provide gender affirming care, including addressing gender dysphoria, depression and anxiety that often accompany being in a gender minority, coming out, and issues that have little to do with gender orientation. We explore what interventions you think are right for you, if any. I can write letters in support of medical transition if that is something you desire. I treat in accordance with the standards of care set by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).


In addition, I support family members through a loved one's exploration and/or transition.


Schedule your 15-minute free consultation to see if you want me as your transition ally. 

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